WOV National Conference Call "On the Ground – Behind the Headlines: How They Get Those Stories"

You are invited to join our upcoming Women of Vision National Conference Call “On the Ground – Behind the Headlines: How They Get Those Stories” with special guests Kari Costanza, World Vision Global Editor and Jon Warren, World Vision Photo Director.

Tuesday, September 27 
4:00-5:00pm PST / 7:00-8:00pm EST
 This call will be recorded for those who cannot make this time slot.
 Women of Vision is delighted to announce our next conference call where you can dial in along with other women from all over the country. Friends are welcome!

Kari and Sabina collecting water, Kenya 2010

For many years, Jon and Kari have traveled the world, gathering award-winning stories and photographs to share about the world’s poorest of the poor. This remarkable pair have inspired us with their work regarding famine, drought, human rights and children surviving in horrible situations. Within World Vision we consider them heroes because they risk their lives to go to places we only read about. But they, with great humor, would deny this and say that the real heroes are the subjects of their stories. 

John in Congo, July 2011

Join host Angela Mason as she interviews these very special friends. We guarantee you will be touched by their stories. Prior to this call, we will make available some of Jon’s photographs which he would like you to look at while he and Kari are talking.

Simply call our toll-free number at the scheduled time. RSVP now to reserve your place on the call and to see call details! Click here to view Jon’s photographs which he and Kari will discuss on the call.

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