WOV East Bay Walk for Mali!

This weekend, six women from the Women of Vision East Bay chapter walked the 10K race for Team World Vision as part of the Walnut Creek Half Marathon. Many of them had never entered a race before, but they each walked the whole six miles! Inspiring them were pictures of their World Vision sponsored children that they wore as they walked. Through Team World Vision, they raised funds for their World Vision project – clean water in Mali.

When a community gains access to clean water, here’s what happens:

  • The infant mortality rate is cut in half
  • Children can attend school instead of walking up to 6 miles for water each day
  • Women can spend time learning a trade to support their family instead of collecting water
  • Overall health is improved with clean water and sanitation
  • Crops and livestock thrive with clean water and proper irrigation

Congratulations women!

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