World Vision Cup kicks off in Brazil and on Twitter

This month, children and youth from more than 10 countries are heading to Brazil for the World Vision Cup to play soccer, exchange experiences and discuss matters that affect the development of the youth in their respective countries.

As 200 youth compete in the World Vision Cup in Brazil, staff can participate virtually by following @wvyouthglobal on Twitter. The first ever football tournament brings together youth from 13 countries to play football and to speak out against the inequalities and violence they say are ruining their lives.

The youth – who come from as far as Mongolia and Australia – have a busy schedule for the week with football matches, press conferences, a vaccination campaign, a flash mob event and the closing ceremonies. Many of their experiences are posted on Twitter.

Between these activities, the youth are having cultural exchanges and talking about socio-political issues such as violence, child labor and sexual exploitation during workshops, presentations and group discussions. World Vision aims to promote peaceful discussion so that the youth can learn about the realities of their peers and understand others’ views on violence issues in different contexts.

The World Vision Cup is happening one week ahead of the world-renowned FIFA World Cup in Recife, Brazil. Staff in Brazil and around the world have been working on the event for more than a year as a way to raise awareness globally of children’s rights.

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