World AIDS Day 2011 – Getting to Zero

The global theme for World AIDS Day 2011 is “Getting to Zero – Zero New HIV Infections; Zero Discrimination; and Zero AIDS-related Deaths.”  It is an ambitious goal, and World Vision is viewing this as a rallying call to motivate us to remain true to our commitment to HIV and AIDS work. With our combined efforts, we believe we can end infections of HIV among children by 2015.

Learn what World Vision is doing to help the world “get to zero” regarding HIV infection, stigma and death. Learn about what Women of Vision chapters are doing and how you can get involved this World AIDS Day.

Zero new infections

World Vision focuses on expanded prevention, a comprehensive, multi-level package of interventions which provides age-appropriate, values-based life skills materials and training to a range of community members, including teachers; community, church and faith community leaders; and children themselves as peer educators. Part of this approach includes community-based prevention of mother-to-child transmission (c-PMTCT) of HIV, which aims to address the four critical components of comprehensive PMTCT endorsed by WHO and UNICEF:

  • primary prevention of HIV among women of childbearing age
  • prevention of unintended pregnancies among women living with HIV
  • prevention of HIV transmission from a woman living with HIV to her infant
  • provision of appropriate treatment, care, and support to women living with HIV and their children and families.

Zero discrimination

Stigma prevents people from being tested for HIV, but when people know their HIV status, they can protect themselves from further infection or from spreading HIV. Much of World Vision’s work combats stigma, especially key project models like Channels of Hope, which work to create awareness among faith and other community leaders about the realities of HIV and AIDS. Combatting stigma among community leaders leads to breaking stigma among citizens, which helps bring down infection.

Zero AIDS-related deaths

Our staff works to mobilize community volunteers through Community Care Coalitions. These community volunteers identify and support individuals and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, and work to help assure access to proper treatment and care for AIDS-related diseases. This community-based support helps to reduce AIDS-related deaths.

What WOV Chapters are doing

Walk: On December 4th the WOV Orange County chapter is hosting their annual AIDS and WATER Walk. They will walk for the 6000 children orphaned every day by the AIDS pandemic.  Complementing the 6000 Steps for 6000 Orphans, they will be including clean water availability and access in our efforts to raise awareness and funds.

Attending a Prayer Breakfast: WOV National Director Cindy Breilh and partners from the WOV New York City chapter are attending World Vision’s “Women’s Call to Prayer and Action,” the seventh annual Women’s Prayer Breakfast in recognition of World AIDS Day on Friday, December 2nd, 2011 in New York. This year’s keynote speaker and special guest is Kim Alexis, International Super Model, Author and Beauty Icon, and Television Personality.

What you can do

Pray: Use this devotion and prayer list to guide you as you pray today.

Read the Summary Report: The Hope Initiative was World Vision’s ground-breaking response to the AIDS pandemic. It was a transforming effort for those we serve and for us as an organization. Read the summary report and watch the video below to learn about the story and reach of the Hope Initiative over the past ten years.

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