Women Of Vision New York Rocks Out Central Park

Central Park  is the most visited urban park in the United States, receiving approximately thirty-five million visitors annually. The New York City chapter of Women of Vision was not daunted by its size or popularity. They booked an event for one of two dates the park had available, and that date happened to be August 15th, 2011.  Initially the New York City chapter had planned to host a small benefit with free bands. God, however, had bigger plans for this event.

Darcy Plimpton-Sims (of the New York City chapter) decided to send a text message to her pastor, who had connections to the Christian pop rock band, the Newsboys, to ask for assistance.  Darcy and the chapter had no idea that within 12 hours of sending that text message they would have the workings of a concert in Central Park featuring the Newsboys. Was it coincidence that the Australian band happened to be in the U.S. and available the one evening they were able to book Central Park for? Not according to Darcy, clearly God was working in New York City!

Less than an hour before the first band was scheduled to perform, a torrential downpour occurred. Miraculously, by 6 p.m. the sun was shining and the show began on time. As two worship bands opened, “God was finally being honored in Central Park for the first time ever in a major way!” Darcy exclaimed about the powerful event. One of the opening bands called “The Squad” began with the song “To God be the Glory.” Darcy commented that at that point she “simply melted and began to weep with an overwhelming JOY.”

The New York City chapter was able to use this event as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness around the issue of human trafficking. Bangladesh was the focus, and the money raised will be used to help millions of girls who are sold into brothels as slaves throughout Asia. Women of Vision Director, Cindy Breilh and Lynette Lewis, president of Stop Child Trafficking Now were both featured speakers.  Each shared powerful words about their organization’s endeavors to protect women and children world wide through anti-trafficking advocacy efforts.

By the time the Newsboys came on stage, the crowd had swelled to over a 1,000 onlookers. Before the last song of the evening, Rice Brooks, pastor of Morning Star New York came on the stage and shared the Good News with the crowd. Darcy watched amazed, “He asked if anyone needed Jesus and in the dark of the night, in the glow of the stage, many, many hands went into the air.”

It was clear that the evening was a tremendous success with many moved to make contributions to the anti-human trafficking cause. It was an evening of faith for the New York City WOV chapter, whose expectations were far exceeded. To learn more about the anti-trafficking movement, and help support the cause, you can visit the New York City Women of Vision blog.

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