Women of Vision Colorado Create Change For Orphans In Romania

The Colorado Women of Vision chapter, founded in 1995, has a big heart for the people of Romania.  Their passion for this country was ignited by a Vision Trip they took to Romania in 1996.  During this Vision Trip partner Jeanie Hunter recalls that the ladies  “were shocked at the poverty, rusted out cars, street children everywhere, horses and carts on city streets, and half completed or crumbling buildings” they witnessed. What affected them most was  “the look of shock in the eyes of the Romanian people”.  The Colorado Chapter was immediately spurred into action as a result, and immediately began to support Mother and Child Centers as well as Microfinance programs for women.

Initially when this chapter began to support orphanages, most were colorless, rundown and full of overwhelming smells; not an environment suitable for vulnerable children.  Fast forward to 15 years later to 2011 and it is clearly evident that the Lord has been hard at work in these orphanages that were once so rundown.  The chapter was able to make another Vision Trip back to Romania in May of this year. This time the chapter observed new construction, fresh paint, and new beds with bedding. The children now have a color filled area for play time and were noticeably happy and playful. Children who were in need of physical therapy were also able to receive the care that they were in need of from trained staff.

Exciting changes continue to transpire in projects funded by WOV Colorado in Romania. The chapter played a key role in establishing daycare centers within a community that they have been supporting. After noticing a decrease in the number of children being abandoned, the community saw the benefit in having these centers and operations have been taken over by the community itself! The Romanian government has also shown interest in using the Hope House project funded by World Vision and Women of Vision as a model to replicate for state foster care programs. That is truly a God sized accomplishment!

Although they are inspired by what has been accomplished, they continue to be challenged by the current conditions in Romania. They know that there is still much work to be done when one in four secondary-school age children are not enrolled in school, more then one in 10 children under five still suffer from stunting as a result of malnutrition, and there are still 300,000 children who are orphans or who have lost one parent

The Colorado women have had their hearts changed by the poverty they have seen and also by the development that they have personally contributed towards. They continue to visit the work they support in Romania every two years. You can read more about those vision trips and they work being done in Romania here. These vision trips have left such a deep impact on the heart of Jill that she was inspired to write this poem while in Romania:

You Are In My Heart

Romania how is it that you hold our hearts in your hands?

We hear the cries of your people and we see the beauty of your lands.

The stories of a great nation’s past, buildings still in grand display.

But tragic times brought you to your knees and those buildings now decay.

Your hope springs on the horizon as Christian hearts unite.

Great people pull together for they are now ready to fight.

Save the children, stop corruption, bless the people with work and self-worth.

Bless this land we love and bring your light to rest upon this earth

All glory to God

Jill Hansen-Colorado WOV

May 13, 2011

If you would like to help change the lives of children in Romania, you can partner with the Colorado Women of Vision through prayer, financial support or by volunteering with Women of Vision.  We will continue Colorado’s story by sharing a personal testimony from a young woman in Romania next week.  Be sure to check back for that!

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