Who Do I Invite To My WOV Circle?

Photo: ©2013 Alina Shrestha/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Alina Shrestha/World Vision

Circles are made up of women of all ages, from various walks of life. We are all different, with unique and invaluable skills, gifts, resources and abilities. Some Circles are as small as a few close friends, others are larger and more diverse. We are simply united by our desire to make a positive difference for those living in extreme poverty.

You might find that you start with a small group of friends, but your group expands over time due to the contagious excitement that comes from being a part of something so life-changing. Often, we are hungry for meaning and connection, and looking for ways to put our beliefs into action. If you feel the nudge to start a Circle, we encourage you to sign up and get started right away by inviting women to join you. You might just be surprised by those who agree to jump in!

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