When is betting on the Super Bowl a good thing?

WPTV_Superbowl_2014_20140126165119_320_240…when it brings more help for children!

Few could ask for a better matchup this Sunday when the top-ranked defense meets the top-ranked offense in Super Bowl 48 at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will face each other in what may be one of the coldest Super Bowls ever. In regard to Super Bowl appearances, this is the Broncos’ seventh and the Seahawks’ second trip to the championship game.

With the World Vision US headquarters located just outside of Seattle, Seahawks clothing, trivia and excitement are apparent throughout World Vision offices. However, our Women of Vision groups are in various locations… including both Seattle and Denver.

So when Eileen Diepenbrock from the WOV Colorado chapter contacted the WOV Greater Seattle chapter for a friendly bet, it was on!

Each chapter has put up money toward their team’s win, and the losing chapter will pay their money toward the World Vision projects selected by the winning chapter.

Currently, the bets on each side are over $1,000, and rising quickly. Now, when you watch the game this weekend, you know that whatever the outcome, Women of Vision is raising more help for children!

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  1. Shelleyshelor says:

    Go, ladies! Hurray for both chapters!

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