What story do the soles of my feet tell?

We are excited to bring you a guest post today from Jessica at the WOV Helpdesk, who beautifully shares about the food crisis in Niger – encouraging us to remember those whose feet walk miles to search for water.

The thick calloused soles of the feet of the women of Maijanjaré in Niger. Photo: CARE/Rodrigo Ordonez

My feet are used to walking. I walk to the water fountain at work to fill my water bottle multiple times a day, I walk to my car in order to meet up with a friend for lunch, and I take my dog for walks so we both can get some exercise. What story do my manicured feet tell? I would say in a summed up version a story of security and comfort. Believe me, I have plenty of sorrows and troubles in my life, some that seem quite overwhelming, but articles like this put my “hardships” into perspective.

Over five million men, women and children in Niger are at risk of not having enough food to eat or harvest in coming months. They are relying heavily on food assistance and aid to survive. Seeds that should be saved for the next planting season are being eaten now and meals are being reduced to just one a day. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to walk two hours each day to fetch clean water. The women in the small village of Maijanjare, Niger know this walk all too well.

The time is now to prevent this food crisis. We have the tools to empower women so that they can support and feed their families. We know the nourishment that children need to help them grow and become healthy adults. Let us pray for the rain to come on time and take encouragement from these strong women whose feet tell a story of endurance and hope.

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