Water for Africa: a poem

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Once again we are pleased to share a special post from Jill Hansen in the WOV Colorado chapter. A poet, Jill recently wrote “Water for Africa”, a poem which parallels bringing water to a thirsty community to bringing Christ to those who are spiritually thirsty. Jill describes how the poem came to her and how she will use it.

Over a year ago, I saw a picture that Ginny Cole, from Colorado’s Women of Vision chapter, had taken during a World Vision trip to see a water project in Niger. The village women in the picture looked so colorful, and all were smiling so beautifully. They were so happy that their village was receiving a well for water, which would be life-changing for them. I felt that I wanted to represent them in a poem, but I knew that it would not be easy. Smiles and poverty, how can you represent that in words? I’ve prayed on this for over a year, and recently became inspired to write “Water For Africa.” I feel that when we travel on Vision Trips, our mission of presence brings the love of Christ to the spiritually thirsty, and the well drilled brings new life to a community. Our Women of Vision Colorado chapter is anticipating our annual fundraiser in August. This poem will be at the booth representing money we’re raising for more wells in Niger through World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World initiative.

Ginny Cole provided the pictures shown with the poem that help to tell the story.


Dressed in bright colors they greeted
those who came to help the poor

You’d think their lives were full of joy
by the smiles that they wore

These beautiful women so anxious
to tell the stories of their lives

To tell someone their sorrows and
how they struggled to survive

The dry hot days that had gone by
no crops survived to harvest

Water so many miles away and the
walk so hard and dangerous

The mothers losing children when
there was no food to feed them

Husbands killed by men that came
and raped and beat the women

Now those who came to help the poor
shared stories of their own

They shared the love of Jesus Christ
and told of His heavenly home

That Jesus is the only thing that can
quench the thirst of the soul

And how Jesus’ love had led them
there to help this village grow

They all began to work together to
drill a well for water

Lives restored and souls received
living water of our Father

Jill Hansen

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  1. Sandy Grubb says:

    Jill, what a beautiful poem! And Ginny, what wonderful photos! Thank you.

  2. you’re a great poet i love your poem.

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