U.S. poverty: Burden on mothers, children

According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report national poverty rate remained at 15 percent.
©2011 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision

From World Vision, by Kathryn Reid:

Not much has changed, according to the annual income report from the U.S. Census Bureau — and that’s not good news. About 46.2 million Americans were living in poverty in 2011. The U.S. median income for 2011, at $50,054, showed a modest 1.5 percent decline from 2010. The national poverty rate remained at 15 percent, statistically unchanged from the 2010 rate of 15.1 percent.

Many mothers and children are barely scraping by. More than half (57.2 percent) of related children under age 6 in female-headed households were in poverty. Overall, 21.9 percent of children under 18 were living in poverty.

“Poverty in America remains tough on children. Kids and their parents are going to struggle to have their needs met,” says Romanita Hairston, World Vision’s vice president of U.S. programs. “What’s most troubling to me is generational poverty that’s more difficult to overcome.”

The Census Bureau report, Income, Poverty, and Insurance Rates in the United States: 2011, can be downloaded here (PDF).

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  1. ebonyjohanna says:

    I saw the report on this last week…such troubling stats. Fortunately, there is a solution but it will require the people of God to start living in accordance to their faith in God not their politic.

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