Treat the mother – save the baby

We were excited to read this recent article at IRIN as maternal and child health is one of the five sectors of our Strong Women, Strong World initiative. Focusing on Afghanistan and Ethiopia, it’s our goal to help reduce maternal and infant deaths and decrease the number of women suffering from illness as a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, by providing nutrition education and care to mothers and pregnant women and increasing access to critical medical services.

From IRIN: “The past decade has seen great advances in child survival, but while toddlers and small children are benefiting, the death rate for new-born babies remains stubbornly high. Now a new report suggests that paying more attention to their mothers’ health, and focusing on certain damaging but treatable diseases, could be one key to tackling neonatal mortality… “It’s been established that universal coverage with preventive treatment for malaria would reduce neonatal mortality by a third,” says [research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Matthew] Chico. “So add to that an STI [sexually transmitted infection] and RTI [reproductive tract infection] component and the reduction could certainly be more than that.”…”

Read the full article.

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