Today! Call Congress about Water

In Uganda, Sarah walks to a well for dirty water, the same water animals drink from. Photo: ©2012 Sylvia Nabanoba/World Vision

In Uganda, Sarah walks to a well for dirty water, the same water animals drink from.
Photo: ©2012 Sylvia Nabanoba/World Vision

Do you have two minutes to spare?

Today, advocates from all over the country will make a phone call to their congressional representative about the Water for the World act. We call, because each person can make an impact. Every time you call, someone in the office will write it down. As few as ten calls in one day is enough to make a representative take notice of an issue.

There are 768 million people without access to clean water and 1600 children die each day from conditions related to unsafe watersomeone needs to take notice of this issue.

Calling is easy.

We have put together a page with everything you need. You can take action in four simple steps.

  1. Enter your address and we will tell you who your congressional representative is.
  2. Make the call using the simple phone script provided.
  3. Log your call! This will help us follow-up and communicate with the office. We will also be able to let you know how your call made a difference
  4. Tweet that you called.
    Tweet: I just called & asked my rep. to cosponsor the Water for the World Act! Do the same + @WVUSAdvocacy @wvwomenofvision #Water4World

    Share the form with your friends. The more calls, the more new cosponsors. The more cosponsors, the greater the likelihood that someone in need will receive clean water.

Go to the form now.

Let us know that you called! You can log it, tweet it, or comment below. It is important for us to know how many people called. It helps us prove to the folks in D.C., that this is an issue that their constituents care about.

Thank you for making a difference today!

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  1. AnnaLouise Cambra says:

    I called Doris Matsui’s office this morning regarding the World Water Act.
    Thank you organizing this call-in rally. I truly truly appreciate being able to help in this matter.
    God Bless everyone that supports and/or works for World Vision at ALL levels!
    AnnaLouise Cambra

  2. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for making the call, AnnaLouise! Rep. Matsui is not yet a cosponsor, so your advocacy is needed! Please stay tuned for upcoming opportunities for you to continue to advocate for this bill, and rally the troops to take action with you – August and September will be a critical time to get the bill passed before this Congressional session adjourns. Thank you!

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