Thousands rally across country for call-in day, urging Congress to end human trafficking

On September 4, World Vision joins nationwide anti-trafficking coalition pushing Congress to stop stalling and renew the TVPRA. Senate office phone numbers and a suggested call-in script are available at Thank you Women of Vision for your continued efforts to pass this critical legislation! View the TVPRA timeline. Watch an interview about this Day of Action

From World Vision: Congress is at risk of failing to reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) for the first time since its passing in 2000. Over the past 12 months, World Vision and advocates across the country have worked tirelessly to push this legislation through. If it doesn’t pass before Congress ends its final session in December, it will be an historic failure, jeopardizing the centerpiece of U.S. policy to combat modern-day slavery and trafficking.

To urgently move this critical legislation forward during this last Congressional session in September, World Vision joins the Alliance To End Human Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) and up to 50 other organizations around the country for a national TVPA call-in day on Tuesday, September 4. Thousands of constituents across the United States will call their senators, urging them to pass this bipartisan bill.

“Failure to pass this bill threatens U.S. leadership in the fight against modern-day slavery, and with only a small window of time left, it’s going to take pressure from Americans for Congress to act,” said Jesse Eaves, World Vision’s senior policy advisor for child protection. “It’s been made clear that in this election season it is up to the constituents to bring this bill to a vote, so there’s urgency and an opportunity for Americans to make their voices count for the millions of enslaved people around the world.”

On September 4 individuals across the country will go beyond a simple “like” on Facebook or a Tweet on Twitter. Instead, they will call their senator’s office, speaking directly with Senate staff and asking them to support the reauthorization of the TVPA (S. 1301). Senate office phone numbers and a suggested call-in script are available at The goal is to create pressure on the Senate to pass the TVPA before the Congressional recess this fall and the presidential election November 6.

“We are focusing on the Senate bill because it is bipartisan and has advocates across the country giving it strong momentum,” said Eaves. “With the upcoming election, we are at a time of heightened political division, and it was this same bickering that stalled the reauthorization of the TVPA almost a year ago. Now is the time to put aside our political differences and focus on the impact this legislation could have on over 20 million men, women, and children enslaved around the world. Congress needs to know this issue is important to the American people.”

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  1. shollyac says:

    Believe it or not the United Nations and
    sections of Halliburton have been trafficking children and were caught . just Google human trafficking Haliburton United Nations and you’ll see that this is something that is worldwide.

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