Third Time’s The Charm

photo courtesy of Anna Goodworth

photo courtesy of Anna Goodworth

After two very discouraging rained out dates (of course after mass planning and publicity), the Women of Vision of Hartford, CT finally had a wonderful fall day of sunshine to hold our Walk for Water. After our event was IN water instead of FOR water last May, we had been keeping our posters, handouts, and props in ready access in hopes for another day to educate those around us on the quest for clean water internationally.

The mile walk into the wilderness down to a river consisted of education stations on diseases, a viewing of Walking in Sabina’s Shoes, a monologue of a girl walking for water, the lies of bottled water and eventually the possible solutions to dirty water (of which wells and sponsorship are the only ones that take the actual time and education stealing walk away from the equation). It was wonderful to see adults and children alive down at the river, filling their buckets. They had the option to read into an envelope with possible outcomes from their dirty water (with options ranging from getting a disease to finding out you are sponsored).

I confess we didn’t have the turnout we hoped for. Many were away and our raindate was not as publicized as the other dates. It is discouraging when you put so much effort into something that you care so much about. It is hard to watch others go on not knowing things you long for them to know – things that have changed your life and how you interact with the world.

But if Sabina and so many can walk day after day, we can continue to walk our simple paths in honor of them, step by step. One more person hearing the story of a girl walking for water is one more person that may walk alongside them. One child becoming passionate about dirty water is one more voice in prayer and advocacy on behalf of others.

So, at the end of our walk, the results were: We enjoyed one another. We got some exercise. Our kids used their voices to teach others as they saw us. Several families and groups attended and care more about clean water. One church is further behind our efforts. Three children were sponsored.

It isn’t a sprint, but a marathon (even if we are walking). One step at a time.

See more photos from the event here.

photo courtesy of Anna Goodworth

photo courtesy of Anna Goodworth

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