The Worst Places to be a Woman

In September 2011, Newsweek/The Daily Beast analyzed data 165 countries to determine which countries are the best and worst for women. While women have made strides even in the poorest nations, their survey found 10 that are lagging on basic issues.

They graded each country on the following 5 factors, using a scale of 1 to 100:
Laws protecting women from domestic violence, adolescent marriage and marital rape, and also women’s access to land and bank loans
Includes rates of maternal death, HIV, and infant mortality, and also access to safe abortions and skilled health workers
Education level, literacy, and gender parity in schools
Includes percentage of women in the labor force, gender pay gap, access to all industries, ability to climb the ladder
Share of women in government, including senior position

See the Newsweek rankings.

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