The Power of a Tweet

‘Tweet’ does not sound like a word that can have a big impact, but it sure is.  I was introduced to Twitter recently after avoiding it for years. I quickly became a fan.  The information you can present is short, succinct, and can be powerful.  You can get your message directly to those you want to notice and until April 30th, your tweet has the power to #EndSlavery.

Women of Vision’s work on the Trafficking Victims Protection Re-authorization Act (TVPRA) has been invaluable in progressing the bill.  Now, we have one more way to speak out to our Senators: through Twitter! Between now and April 30th, World Vision has teamed up with International Justice Mission, Safe Horizons and the Polaris project with the goal to have ten new TVPRA co-sponsors by the end of the month.  Jesse Eaves, World Vision Policy Adviser for Child Protection, has laid out the value of twitter in making this happen.

Tweet your  Senators asking them to co-sponsor the #TVPRA to #EndSlavery @WVWomenofVision

If you have never tweeted before, this is a great time to start.  All that you need to set up an account is a name, password and email.  Once you are signed in, go to this page and click the ‘tweet’ button next to the Senator you would like to contact.  The website will write the tweet for you and it couldn’t be easier.

Could something as simple as a tweet help pass the TVPRA through the Senate?  We won’t know until we try!

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