The mystery of suffering: A before-and-after photo story

Recently we shared a story on Transformational Work In The Horn Of Africa, and included prayer requests for that area of the world, as they suffer from drought and famine.  If you read that post, you will definitely want to read the story directly from the man who took those photographs, John Warren – World Vision Photographer.

On the World Vision Blog John writes candidly about the concept of suffering from the persepective of his personal experience, as well as what he has been exposed to in the field. John had this to say,  ” I’m often asked how I’ve been able to photograph human suffering for so much of my career and still maintain my sanity and belief in the goodness of God. Suffering is a mystery. I’ve met many good, righteous, faithful people who have lives full of misery. My dear sister-in-law, Karen, passed away last week after …” Be sure to read his first hand account of how God is present, even in the midst of those suffering in Somalia in his blog post, “The mystery of suffering: A before-and-after photo story.”

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