The "My Story" Giveaway

*********THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*************

We have a fabulous giveaway for you Women of Vision today! We’re excited to offer a $25 discount to attend our March National Conference “Every Woman Has A Story.” This offer is extended both to those who have already registered and those who haven’t yet (reminder: registration closes on February 20th!)

In order to enter this giveaway, just leave us one comment on this post between now and Tuesday, February 7th, at 8am (PST)- and we’ll randomly select a winner sometime after that. Let us know in your comment what you are looking forward to most at the Conference!

There are so many reasons to come to the 2012 Women of Vision National Conference March 4-6. Let us suggest just four…

1. If you are a woman who cares about ending human trafficking, we urgently need your presence and your voice. The most significant piece of US anti-trafficking legislation, the TVPRA (Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act) is at risk in Congress. This includes domestic and international trafficking. It is crucial to get as many women as possible to DC for our Lobby Day. World Vision, and other anti-trafficking groups (ATEST), are looking to Women of Vision’s Lobby Day to garner attention and create urgency for passing this bill. The more people we get into face-to-face visits with their elected leaders, the more Congress will listen. This is an election year, and Congress is sensitive. If we cannot get this bill passed, I wonder how the US could possibly call other countries to uphold human rights and end modern day slavery.

2. Passionate globally active women need refreshment and reconnection in the company of like-minded women. You need to know your efforts are making a difference and how, and that you are not alone in your deep concern for children, women and men living in poverty and oppression. Pre-conference and conference sessions have been designed to educate, inspire and connect you to amazing women (and men). You will hear from prior attendees how this conference changed their story.

3. Someone needs to hear from you. Every woman has a story and it is in the intersection of our stories that God works miracles. Once every two years we gather and spend time in relationship, in prayer and in worship in response to our call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a world of hurt.

4. Do you like chocolate? There will be a chocolate fountain!

Good luck!

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  1. Lisa H. says:

    I attended my first National Conference two years ago. At the time, Phoenix didn’t have a chapter and I was just stepping out on faith that God was going to raise one up in His timing. The Conference was just what I needed–it was a chance to connect with other women who share my passion for helping children in poverty, and learn a LOT about the issues. I also learned how to talk to my Congressional Representatives about issues that are important to me (and had an amazing and helpful guide in James Pedrick, a World Vision ANGEL in a suit).

    This time, I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with women I know from other chapters, making NEW friends, and storming Capitol Hill once again! Most importantly, I’m looking forward to being strengthened in my faith as I worship and minister alongside my sisters in Christ.

    PS–God did establish the Phoenix chapter! He is faithful! : )

  2. Amy Brady says:

    I am really praying about attending the conference. Even discovering it at this exact moment in my story is pretty amazing. I’ve been in ministry (speaker/author) for almost a decade. The past few years though, and after 2 trips to China, I have felt God calling me to something more. Our non profit is about to relaunch as a face/voice for organizations doing front-line, grass-roots work in China in the areas of injustice, sex trafficking and orphan care. I can’t help but believe this conference could be a huge part of the story to come. And a huge part of the stories in China, waiting to be told.

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