The Little Chapter that Could!

Photos: World Vision/Women of Vision

By Amy Foster, Women of Vision Triad, NC

The first fundraiser for Triad (NC) Women of Vision was quite an interesting journey! Our chapter is pretty small, but we set an ambitious fundraising goal of $10,000 for this year, with almost all of our funds supporting Strong Women, Strong World. At first, we looked into organizing a 5K race/walk, but for our small chapter the intensive preparations, planning, and costs for such an event would have become too much of a distraction from our purpose. So we settled on a simple Walk 4 Women at a local park, with participants asking friends and family to “sponsor” their walk to help us meet our goal. Thirteen women signed up to raise money using personal fundraising webpages through Team World Vision. To be honest, I was afraid we had bitten off more than we could chew with a goal of $10,000 and only 13 women raising money! I was not the only one either – we had lots of emails going around worried that not enough people signed up for the walk and that this event would barely put a dent in our $10,000 goal.

Beyond the fundraising aspect, we prayerfully considered how we could make this event meaningful for the participants. More than our money, the women impacted by the Strong Women, Strong World initiative need the transformative power of Christ working in their lives and in their communities. And so we dedicated our event to these courageous women, using the opportunity to pray for them while we walked. We printed off six of the stories from the Strong Women, Strong World website and the walkers focused on one story for each of the six laps of the walking trail. Our women reflected and prayed for the women who will be impacted through this fundraiser.

As the date of our “Walk 4 Women” drew nearer, the numbers kept climbing and climbing! The more excited we became about our fundraising, the more excited those around us became, and the more they gave! At the end of our event our little chapter with 13 women ended up raising over $8,000!!!! We were quite impressed with our final total and we are looking forward to an even greater impact next time!

Photos: World Vision/Women of Vision

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  1. Karen says:

    AWESOME!!! Karen Marion

  2. arlene hamann says:

    How fabulous that your small group of 13 could raise over $8000. I’m sure the power of prayer was a big factor in your success!!!!

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