The End of Poverty Begins with Her

Today is day TWO of our countdown to International Women’s Day!

IWD Advocacy Ask Instructions

Sometime today or during this month, take a moment to print out a simple postcard and send it to your leaders in Congress. Let us remind them that “$1 in the hands of a women is, on average, worth $10 in the hands of a man.” The postcard contains a simple message, but it is a powerful way to send a message to Congress!

    1. Print the postcard double sided on cardstock
    2. Fill it out and mail it to your Senators and Representative
    3. Let us know that you sent the postcard by clicking here and we will tell you if we hear anything back!

“As your constituent, I am asking that in honor of International Women’s Day, you take a moment to consider the power that women and girls have to transform the world. Please vote in a way that enables and empowers more than half of the world’s population.”

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