“the Biggest, Best Story in Development”

Families benefit and child mortality decreases when development programs are put into place. Alice Mkumbadzala, 27, from Kutengule village with her two children Benadetta, right, and Clemencia, left. Alice has been participating in various health interventions targeting under five children. According to Alice, she has learnt to prepare nutritious food for her children who in the past were under weight and she makes sure that her family members are practicing good sanitation and hygiene practices for example washing hands after visiting toilet.                                             ©2012 Wezzie Banda/World Vision

Last month the World Bank reported that child mortality in Africa is dropping.  Furthermore, child mortality in Africa is dropping faster than ever before!  Gabriel Demombynes, of the World Bank’s Nairobi office, told the Economist  this “tremendous success story that has only barely been recognized”.  Michael Clemens of the Centre for Global Development calls it simply “the biggest, best story in development”.

Largely due to interventions like the one told in the photo above, child mortality in Africa is dropping at largely unprecedented rates.  It is being seen across countries and across regions.

From The Economist:

According to Mr Demombynes and Karina Trommlerova, also of the World Bank, 16 of the 20 African countries which have had detailed surveys of living conditions since 2005 reported falls in their child-mortality rates (this rate is the number of deaths of children under five per 1,000 live births). Twelve had falls of over 4.4% a year, which is the rate of decline that is needed to meet the millennium development goal (MDG) of cutting by two-thirds the child-mortality rate between 1990 and 2015 (see chart). Three countries—Senegal, Rwanda and Kenya—have seen falls of more than 8% a year, almost twice the MDG rate and enough to halve child mortality in about a decade. These three now have the same level of child mortality as India, one of the most successful economies in the world during the past decade.  Read the Full Article Here. 

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