Stop Child Trafficking Now – Jesse Eaves Writes For CNN's Freedom Project

“In the United States, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) is the centerpiece of our country’s policies against modern-day slavery. It is the largest piece of human rights legislation in U.S. history, creating the first comprehensive federal law to address human trafficking both here in the United States and around the world.” –  Jesse Eaves, World Vision’s policy adviser for children in crisis.

Jesse Eaves is an important asset to World Vision and Women of Vision’s advocacy efforts. He keeps us up to date and informed on important policies that have a significant impact on those we serve. He has provided great value to our programs recently with all of the knowledge he has shared regarding the Re-authorization of the TVPA bill. Women of Vision has been a leader in advocating for this to pass in Congress, making these efforts a significant focus of our work this summer. In this piece that Jesse wrote for the CNN Freedom Project, he discusses what will happen if the bill expires on September 30th, without being reauthorized in Congress, and shares how you can help. “Once their eyes are open to the realities of modern-day slavery, people often ask me: “But what can I do?”.  It’s actually quite simple; it only takes about 10 calls to a Congressional office to turn an invisible issue into a huge priority for Capitol Hill.

“The International Labor Organization estimates that every year, at least 1.2 million children like Kyaw are trafficked for labor around the world. The United States can and should do more to help end the illegal sale of children for sex and slave labor; that’s where U.S. citizens come in.

Now, with just a few weeks to go until the TVPA expires, it’s more important than ever that Americans tell the U.S. Congress that fighting trafficking is important to them.”

Be sure to read Jesse’s full article “Opinion: Urge U.S. Congress to re-authorize Trafficking Victims Protection Act “, and get involved today.

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