Sponsored girl empowered to create change in her community

Wendy has already demonstrated her passion for leadership and community involvement. She wants to go to college after she finishes high school. Photo: World Vision

From World Vision, by Abby Stalsbroten:

“…Wendy is the third of six children. She and three of her siblings are sponsored through World Vision, which helps provide them and their community with nutritious food, a safe place to live, a good education, and regular health checkups. Those are some of the tangible benefits.

But the value of sponsorship goes beyond the physical. It also creates opportunities for children like Wendy to thrive and become leaders in their communities. World Vision supports different scholastic, religious, and service clubs through Wendy’s school and church. She participates in no fewer than six of these.

“I like to participate,” says Wendy, who earns excellent grades and helps care for her family. “I like to learn new things.”

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