Meeting my sponsored girl in the Dominican Republic

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In March Women of Vision traveled to visit World Vision projects in the Dominican Republic. Today Mary Lynn Moser, Treasurer for the Southwest Florida chapter, shares about her visit and meeting her sponsored child.

The day before we left the Domincan Republic, we traveled to the Palmera ADP, about 30 minutes outside Santo Domingo, and received a tour of their operation. While listening to the World Vision staff describe their work in the area, my sponsored child, Elizabeth Garcia Lora, and her mother, Franchesca (“Lilly”) appeared. Elizabeth, while at first shy, managed to take charge of the room, first with her singing, and then by telling us all about her family and her community. National Director, David Coates, said she was a “tough act to follow” but filled the group in on his progress there since he began his role there in November (he was previously a fundraiser for WVUK).

Elizabeth asked if I could visit her home – and World Vision made that happen! On the way there we drove by her church and her school, so she was able to point those out to me. We walked down the alleyway to her home, and once we got there I met her grandmother, her dad Robert, and her sister Franchesca (who had written many letters to me on Elizabeth’s behalf). Elizabeth showed me how she kept “everything I had sent her” in a plastic bag in a suitcase, so it would be well taken care of. She agreed with me that I needed to learn Spanish “so we won’t have to bother all these people” (for translation) next time I came to visit.

It was truly a special visit, as I saw their sow and piglets in their “backyard” they would be able to sell, met most of her family and even got to pose with everyone for a “family portrait.” It was truly difficult to say goodbye! God surely knew what He was doing when He assigned her to me!

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