Rich Stearns: I Believe In You

Giving girls equal access to school is critical to the health of the next generation: studies have shown that the children of educated mothers are more likely to survive, less likely to be stunted or underweight, and much more likely to be educated themselves.

Last week World Vision US President Rich Stearns wrote a blog story for The Christian Post where he shared the message “I Believe In You” to Maria, a young student with a passion to pursue her education despite overwhelming obstacles.

Stearns writes:

Around the world, families often prefer to keep girls at home to do household chores. For other families, it can be too dangerous to allow a daughter to travel the distance to the nearest school. When girls begin menstruating, lack of sanitation facilities poses another obstacle. However, in many places around the world, these obstacles aren’t addressed because a girl’s education isn’t valued. Two-thirds of the world’s illiterate are women…

The day I met Maria, I saw all of these statistics in the story she told me through her steady tears. She was 19 when we met. Against all odds, this girl, born into poverty in the mountains of Bolivia, had enrolled in a university. She was still pursuing her dream to become a lawyer and advocate for the rights of women and children…

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