Report of Cholera outbreak in Kenya camp

Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp, on the border with Somalia, is home to more than 400,000 people

On November 15, the BBC reported an outbreak of cholera in Kenya’s Daadab refugee camp: “It may have started among new arrivals at the camp where one person has died and there are now 60 cases, it says. The aid operation at Dadaab camp was scaled back last month after the abduction of two aid workers.”

World Vision US checked with the World Vision Kenya specialist on the ground, who reports “The single reported case was isolated it is not an outbreak of cholera in the Dadaab refugee camp. But the cluster is monitoring and already campaigns for hygiene are being planned. WV Kenya resumed its operations in the camp which were scaled back last month after the abduction of two aid workers and currently have 4 staff in Daadab. WV Kenya will be drilling 8 boreholes and constructing 202 latrines in Daadab, and is also planning for more activities including more borehole drilling, sanitation infrastructure and further looking at a possibility of water abstraction and piping interventions.”

Furthermore, the Government of Kenya has not yet made any official declaration of an outbreak.  The International Refugee Council (IRC) reported 8 confirmed cases as of November 16. 25 other suspected cases turned out to be negative and 8 cases are awaiting results.  The United Nations and Government of Kenya health authorities – via cluster mechanisms – have established Cholera Treatment Centers (CTC) and case management committees in each camp and World Vision is represented in the committee.  A lot of the work on the ground is around monitoring and hygiene training.

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