Refugees In Crisis

Start your Circle around Refugees In Crisis today!

refugee500War in Syria has triggered the worst refugee crisis in our world today. Over half the Syrian population has been forced from their homes by violence, many of them fleeing to neighboring countries.

Of the 12 million Syrians affected, half are children. HALF. Many are now facing an uncertain future in crowded refugee camps where hope is hard to come by. Outside of Syria, fighting in Iraq, South Sudan, and the Central African Republic created new refugee communities in those countries. Worldwide, over 65 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes.

Join us in reaching out to these vulnerable children right now by starting your own fundraiser!

You’ll help refugees and internally displaced people with life-saving essentials such as food, clean water, emergency supplies, access to basic health care and education, and child-friendly spaces to give traumatized kids a safe space to play

Since the beginning of the Syria refugee crisis, World Vision has helped nearly 2 million children and adults in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In Europe, we are now providing aid to refugees in Serbia. We are at work in the most broken places across the world. In South Sudan. In the Central African Republic. And together, we can help even more.

How to get involved

When you join with Women of Vision, you will learn more about this critical cause and what you can do to create lasting change. Through your Circle, you will invite others to have meaningful conversations about this topic and discern how you want to respond. You will be amazed by how God works through you and in you as you go through this experience! When women unite around a purpose bigger than themselves – armed with knowledge, purpose, and hearts for making a difference – a beautiful story unfolds.

  • – We will give you a free small group guide to get your group talking and learning about the crisis.
  • – You can gather weekly, monthly, or quarterly in whatever style best fits you.
  • – Each person will take action by giving a self-determined contribution towards a project.
  • – You will set up a simple, online giving page that you can share with others who may want to support your efforts.

Never doubt the impact you can have, regardless of your financial position! For example, $27 is all it takes to provide a refugee child with food for one month. It’s amazing what God will do when you step out in faith and action…someone in your life has been waiting for this exact opportunity to get involved with a life-altering cause.

She just needs you to take the first step.