"Quietly": the plight of persecuted Christians

Photo: Jon Warren/World Vision

Photo: Jon Warren/World Vision

Jill Hansen shares “Quietly”, her new poem dedicated to persecuted Christians.

I have to tell you that I was struck with such a desire to write a poem that pictured persecuted Christians. I prayed on this and asked for the words. This poem is so different than anything I have written before, but I really feel that this is what I am meant to send you. I want people to know that there are people in China and Egypt and Iran and Africa and so many places, being true to the Christian beliefs, despite danger to their very lives! How I respect them! They are the truly faithful. They are the ones that put their lives on the line for their belief in Christ, and his sacrifice, and his love. We often take for granted that we can go to church on Sunday and express our love for our Savior, when in reality we are so very fortunate to live in a country that openly allows us to  experience the privilege of being able to gather together, with like minded people, to openly worship the true, all loving, all powerful God. I pray that all nations will be able to experience that freedom without fear.


Quietly they walk, heads down, not wanting to draw attention,
hearts beating in fear of discovery

Quietly, they enter the secret place, to meet others who
share their passion, despite the danger

Quietly, lest they be discovered, for that would mean prison,
and often times beatings and death

Quietly, they question their persecution, why would others
fear their worshiping as Christians

Quietly, they commit their lives, to the One who first gave
His life, that they may be forgiven of sin

Quietly, the Holy Spirit moves in them, and they are filled
with hope, His pure love sustains them

Quietly my tears fall, as I pray for those who are persecuted,
may Christ protect you, and God bless you

Jill Hansen

Jill Hansen from the WOV Colorado chapter, has used her talent to write poems such as “Abduction” and “Water for Africa.”

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  1. Marcee Martin says:

    Jill – LOUDLY my heart glows with pride. LOUDLY my lips praise His name. Shamelessly I say that you are extraordinary and my dear friend. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem with me. Love to you abounds, Marcee

  2. Peter Davis says:

    Hi Jill,

    It’s been several years since we spoke, I am not sure if you remember me, “little man rowing out to sea in a row boat, in the storm” I worked at the Clarence Valley Council with David. I gained a lot from your counselling, thank you. Now that I have discovered God, or he has awakened me, I gain more knowledge of Jesus and God each day, there is a lot happening now.

    Every song on the radio is talking about Love and God, and those who have been persecuted coming together. I am being pointed to many areas I had questions about and shown thing I sought many years ago, incredible profound in depth things about energy, light and the universe, how it is all put together.

    My thoughts at the moment are, that there is an increased build up , like a calling, so many people I speak to, are concerned of the worlds situations now. I pray to God it will happen.

    I placed a link to my Facebook page so you can see whats happening to me :

    Warmest Regards


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