Philippines: Poverty no longer keeps eager boy out of school

Ronie was out of school for a period of time. But thanks to World Vision’s assistance, he’s enrolled again and more excited about it than ever. Photo: World Vision.

Before World Vision came to his village, Ronie was forced to quit school. Now, he’s back in class…

From World Vision, by Crislyn Felisilda, World Vision Philippines:

“Ronie, 12, lives in a remote village in the Philippines. His father, Marcelino, 54, is a tenant farmer, and his mother, Melagrose, 49, is a full-time housewife, also looking after her two grandchildren.

Every month, Marcelino earns the equivalent of $33, but it isn’t sufficient to support the family, since he also supplies milk for his two grandchildren.

Out of their seven kids, three are already married, while the rest still live under their care. “One of my major frustrations in life is [being unable] to send all my kids to school,” Melagrose says…”

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