Our Redeemer Lives

Photo: ©2008 Jon Warren/World Vision

Photo: ©2008 Jon Warren/World Vision

Merry Christmas! Today we share a special post from Jill Hansen in the Women of Vision Colorado chapter. A poet, Jill shares “Our Redeemer Lives”, a poem which celebrates the birth, life and hope found in Jesus. Jill shares with us a recent time she used this poem.

I volunteer at a house for rescued human traffic victims, where many of us at Colorado Women of Vision volunteer. We were going to give the ladies a stocking to celebrate the Christmas season. I printed this poem on parchment paper and rolled it up, securing it with a gold ribbon. I put one in each stocking. I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. These women have had very hard lives; I thought they may be angry at God and just throw the poem in my face. I was very humbled to see the appreciation expressed over the poem. One of the women read it to the group and I was asked to tell what had inspired me to write this poem. I told them that I had received words for other poems through prayer and meditation and that I appreciated those experiences so much that I wanted to write something that would show honor to Him. What a special night that was. There are so many experiences that I have been blessed with simply by participating with this amazing group of Women of Vision. They are world changers. Praise God!

Our Redeemer Lives
In the town of David called Bethlehem, the Savior of man was born
His name was Jesus and Mary wept, as a mother’s love was formed

Angels sang and shepherds came, spreading word of the glorious birth
This baby boy, this child of God, was to be ruler over all the earth

At twelve years old, in the temple courts, his education would start
Mary smiled with a mother’s love, treasuring all these things in her heart

When baptized by John, the heavens opened, and God’s voice released
Saying “This is my son, whom I love, in you I am well pleased”

Jesus taught the word of God, telling disciples “Come follow me”
He healed the sick and raised the dead and was anointed at Bethany

The Lord’s supper, Judas’ betrayal, Jesus arrested and Peter’s denial
Pilate called to the crowd, but “Crucify him,” was shouted at the trial

A crown of thorns, beaten bloody and raw, he’s taken to be crucified
The Place of the Skull, nailed to the cross, that’s where our Savior died

Jesus’ body was taken by Joseph, to a tomb he sealed with a stone
When Mary went to anoint him, she found that Jesus’ body was gone

An angel said “He has risen, remember the words he said to you”
“Believe and if you are baptized, in his death your lives were made new”

I know our Redeemer lives, his death on the cross set us free
All praise and glory, power and honor, to the blessed trinity

Jill Hansen

Jill has shared previous poems on this blog including “Abduction”, “Quietly”, “A Women of Vision Leader”, and “Water for Africa.”

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  1. Ginger says:

    Thank you, Jill, for so eloquently summing up all the reasons we SO love, praise and worship our Lord.

  2. Cindy Giles says:

    Jill is just amazing & such an inspiration to me in so many ways!!

  3. Sylvia Rau says:

    That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you, Jill for sharing this with all of us. You are truly blessed with a beautiful gift. May you and yours be blessed lavishly by our Lord always!

  4. carol benson says:

    Jill, you do have a gift and a deep faith! It was a pleasure to read your poem and I will share it with others! Thank you for all that your do and share!

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