New Jersey takes a stand against modern day slavery in preparation for Super Bowl

Photo: © 2012 Ammala Thomisith/World Vision

Photo: © 2012 Ammala Thomisith/World Vision

Think it’s too early to start thinking about Super Bowl XLVIII? Not when it comes to the prevention of human trafficking.

Each year the Super Bowl attracts thousands of people from across the country. When these large events happen, the temporary increase in visitors to the state fuels demand for cheap labor and creates a market for pimps to sell sex.

The next Super Bowl in 2014 will take place in New Jersey, and the state is taking proactive actions to let visitors to the state know that human trafficking will not be acceptable in New Jersey.

“The message we want to send is don’t bring that business here. NJ is closed to trafficking. You cannot profit from trafficking here,” says Tracy Thompson, the Assistant Attorney General of New Jersey.

The state plans to increase public awareness and is working to create training programs to educate people who work in industries where human trafficking can most often be witnessed, including hotel staff, taxi cab, and truck drivers.

It is hoped that the interventions put in place in preparation for the Super Bowl will extend far beyond next year’s event.

~by Laurel Mullikin, WOV Helpdesk

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