New Infographics about World Vision’s water work

Today, nearly 1,600 children will die because they lack clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. In the past two decades, World Vision’s water projects around the world have saved countless lives and brought more than 10 million people access to clean water. Through your generous donations, you help provide children and families in poverty with access to clean water through interventions like:

  • – Deep wells that supply safe water
  • – Storage containers for rainwater
  • – Piping systems to irrigate crops and improve access to clean water
  • – Purification equipment to treat water contaminated by bacteria and other waterborne disease-carriers
  • – Latrines and hand-washing stations to protect clean water sources and improve children’s health

Even after 20 years, 80% of World Vision wells — significantly higher than industry standard — are still operational.

World Vision has created two new infographics to illustrate World Vision’s water work. One focuses on “How We Work” (the Need, Sanitation and Hygiene, Water Committees, Wells and other Water Points, and Sustainability and Maintenance) and the other focuses on how you can “Change Lives with Clean Water” (Need, Solution and Transformation).

Share this with your Women of Vision group to show the need and demonstrate the effectiveness of your group’s giving!

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