My favorite Christmas gift… donkeys

Photo: ©2013 Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision

Photo: ©2013 Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision

Our “My Favorite Christmas Gift…” series continues as World Vision staff, partners and friends share stories around World Vision’s Gift Catalog.

Today Steve Haas, Chief Catalyst for World Vision, shares his favorite item.

I love donkeys – especially the water-carrying kind! The community of Mutomo Kenya has the unenviable distinction as being a place where rain only comes for two months out of the year. This parched rural community straddling the equator has long suffered from food insecurity, bad soil, and often desperate physical conditions. World Vision, along with local leaders, realized that adequate rains did fall for the people to thrive, but that the precipitation was squandered in large eroding run-offs that disappeared almost as quickly as they came. Together, they built massive catchment basins, utilizing the natural contours of the hilly environment to channel and trap the water appropriately.

Enter my favorite “beast of burden.” Given the need to move heavy containers of water great distances, an empowerment scheme was created that enabled farmers to use donkeys to ferry the water to thirsty agricultural sites – thereby lengthening the growing season, providing life-giving water to children and families, and allowing children the opportunity to attend school rather than fetch water. When someone buys a donkey, in actual fact they’re setting a community and their children free!

Give the gift of a donkey today!

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