More impressions from the Leadership Gathering…

photo: World Vision

photo: World Vision

by Nancy Johns, Women of Vision Columbia-Willamette

I attended the most recent WOV Leadership Event in Federal Way in September. This is the third one I’ve been to and it certainly didn’t disappoint. In reflecting on what makes these gatherings special I’m struck by the fact that there we are from all over the country—Connecticut, North Carolina, Austin, Denver, Chicago, Southern California, the Bay Area, Portland/Vancouver—yet we represent a web of like-minded, like-purposed women, passionate about ‘the least of these.’ Some of these women were familiar to me and getting caught up on where they were personally and what their chapter challenges were was a great re-connecting experience. Some I had never met, but again, we already ‘knew’ each other because of our shared passion.

We spent time being personally challenged, getting facts and figures, hearing details of new marketing programs, many of these things being ‘head’ activities but in the end what was the special experience of the weekend was the ‘heart’ of us all… talking about our experiences with the folks we’ve met in places far away, smiling at Christina Bradic’s little niece on video being an ‘advocate’ and knowing that advocating does work, sharing our passion. What a gift God has given us to be able to connect with His kingdom through each other in this way.

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