Malaria and poverty combine to create misery for family

Candide, 11, has had multiple bouts of malaria. The bed net she was using had a hole, rendering it ineffective. The leaky roof at her house creates puddles that become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Photo: World Vision.

Malaria was eradicated long ago in the United States — but in places like Burundi, it still causes great suffering for children like Candide. Join Women of Vision today, World Malaria Day, April 25, as we work to eliminate this preventable disease worldwide.

From World Vision:

As Candide lay sick in her bed, the 11-year-old knew she would not make it to school that day. She had an excruciating headache, a fever, and had become weak from vomiting.

Above her bed, damp clothes dangled from a makeshift clothesline. It was the rainy season in her rural village in central Burundi. As water dripped through the holes of the dilapidated roof, small puddles of stagnant water began to appear on the rugged mud floor — a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Her mother instinctively knew what was wrong: Candide was sick with malaria again. And her elder sister, Immaculate, was still recovering from a recent bout of the mosquito-borne disease…”

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