"Let’s fight gender-based violence"

From Zambia Daily Mail:

“FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba has called on all Zambians to get involved in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and take care of the victims. Dr Kaseba has observed that the worst manifestation of powerlessness for girls and women is when they experience physical and sexual abuse.
“Experiences of abuse for married women are most common in the home, at the hands of their husbands. I recognise the successful work that has encouraged women to speak out about their experiences and to seek help to address the abuse they face. In these cases, we have a duty to focus great efforts on prevention as well as on care for any victim of abuse,” Dr Kaseba said.
In a speech read for her by Vice-President Guy Scott’s wife, Charlotte, at the launch of the Central Action on HIV/AIDS (CAHA) 2012/ 2015 strategic plan in Kabwe on Friday, Dr Kaseba said the risks of abuse young girls experience outside their homes are matters of great concern.
Dr Kaseba said outside their homes, girls are at risk of being abused by people they trust, and  who sometimes happen to be their relatives, teachers or even church leaders. She said government is committed to addressing all forms of violence against girls and women, adding that it is important to ensure a safe environment for girls in schools.
Dr Kaseba said every learning institution in Zambia needs to be placed in locations where besides learning, girls and women can be certain of “trusted support and safety” because education for women is crucial in the development process of the country.
She also said in as much as government has shown commitment in fighting HIV and AIDS, it needs support from other stakeholders such as the church and non-governmental organisations.
Dr Kaseba said the HIV and AIDS pandemic has negatively impacted on women and girls for generations.
She also encouraged all Zambians to go for HIV counselling and testing for them to know their status.
Dr Kaseba called on organisations involved in activities aimed at fighting HIV and AIDS to reach out to girls and women in far-flung areas and people with disabilities.
Meanwhile, some organisations involved in fighting HIV and AIDS in Central Province have called for the establishment of a National HIV/AIDS Fund (NAF) to be spearheaded by Dr Kaseba.”

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