Lessons from a global soccer mom

"Global Soccer Mom: Changing the world is easier than you think" by Shayne Moore

Shayne Moore, author of “Global Soccer Mom” and guest speaker at the upcoming Women of Vision National Conference, was recently interviewed by the World Vision blog. An excerpt is below and check out her full interview here.

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What kind of difference can a suburban, stay-at-home mom make on such immense, global issues?
When I first learned about AIDS in Africa in 2002, there were less than 30,000 people on anti-retroviral medication. So, if you have AIDS and you’re not medicated and you’re a mom, you could die in a year, which means your children are at risk of being orphaned. But life-saving medicine can help you live for an additional 20 or even 30 years!

As a mother, that means that you are raising your family. It means we do not have an entire generation and an entire continent that is now orphaned. So, because of all these efforts of both ordinary people like myself and of world leaders, today, about 4.5 million Africans are on life-saving medication…all in a decade.

We really do make a difference when we raise our voices. With the clicks and the petitions, you might think that, “I’m not really doing much” or “By adding my name to this petition, am I really making a difference?” I’m here to tell you that it does make a difference! It really does work because of ordinary people like myself putting pressure on our churches, on our networks, on our domestic leaders, and on our global leaders.

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