Less: Raising Youth to Live Missionally

LESSAdd this book to your Christmas wish list or buy it for a friend! Women of Vision partner Anna Goodworth has written Less: Raising Youth to Live Missionally – a thought-provoking book to help each of us on our journey of raising kids with God’s heart for the world. Anna’s passion, Biblical foundation, and humorous stories weave throughout the book. Buy this book this month and all proceeds will go specifically to Women of Vision! Today she shares with us on the WOV blog how this book came to be.

Nine years ago I began a journey with Women of Vision in Portland. Nine years ago I also began my role as a mother. Though I had considerable experience/education of missions and theology with seminary, ministry and mission travel – I believe God’s heart was truly birthed in me that year. It wasn’t just His love for the poor, oppressed and lost. It was woven deeply in me with the threads of motherhood as well. Women of Vision excelled at giving me knowledge and tools and empowerment to be engaged in lives. However, I couldn’t find what I wanted to help me to inscribe this global passion into the DNA of my children. So, with World Vision materials (and a library more), I did research on the whys and hows of raising children with a global heart. I begged parents of older children I admired to share their secrets. I also attempted to walk this heart as best as I could with my young family – not just so they could see me live this out, but to find their gifts, passions and capabilities as well. So what I offer in my book is an organized collection and conversation of all these things so far in my journey.

All the proceeds of this book will go to Christian relief /community development organizations. During November and December, all proceeds will go specifically to Women of Vision – Channels of Hope Program.

It has been a blessed journey as we have seen our kids actually affect a congressman personally in her decision to co-sponsor the TVPRA bill. We have seen countless letters, pictures, and packages go back and forth between our children and their sponsored children. We have seen God multiply their fund raising efforts for clean water and more. We have heard the groaning of their tearful prayers as a result of them feeling deeply about poverty related issues. I look forward to beginning this conversation with you – other Women of Vision – trying to raise children of vision, and surely have your own stories. I am so incredibly grateful to you all.

Buy Less: Raising Youth to Live Missionally now!

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  1. Sandy Grubb says:

    I am really proud of you, Anna. I know this book is going to make a big splash and create a ripple that never ends.

  2. britta cabanos says:

    I am so thrilled to see your book out Anna! I can’t wait to read it and now it will inspire me and many others! Congrats!

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