Impact the World With Your Dollar

This week on the blog we are focusing on Giving with a Global Mind.” So often we are bombarded with information about what is good, what is better, what we should look for when shopping and what we should avoid. Many times buying with intention feels easier said than done.

As a personal project, some women from Women of Vision Greater Seattle have put together a guide to help you navigate giving this Christmas season. There is joy in going to the mall, shopping off of a loved one’s list and finding the perfect hostess gift. This guide will provide you with store information to help with your choices, provide some new ideas for Fair Trade products and give you an idea of how different stores monitor their supply chains.

In this global world, every choice that we make has the potential to impact a stranger in ways we may not event know. Do everything you can to make that impact positive, one that empowers and enables and one that touches the giver as well as the receiver.

You can download a copy of the guide here. 

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