Hope In A World Of Hurt

Hope in a World of Hurt, the first module in Women of Vision’s The Heart of the Matter study series, consists of 4 lessons. Lessons will take about 90 minutes in a group setting. All PDFs are designed and can be viewed online in color. To conserve resources, we encourage 2-sided printing in black and white. Contact womenofvision@worldvision.org with questions.

Entire Study:
Hope in a World of Hurt – Study Guide
(PDF, 64 pages)
Hope in a World of Hurt – Leaders Guide (PDF, 22 pages)

Videos included in this study: (All of these videos can be found here.)

“Precious in His Sight” (8:47 minutes)
“Five Days of Hunger” (12:06 minutes)
“Hoops of Hope” (10:54 minutes)