The Heart of the Matter study series

The Heart of the Matter is a biblically-based, interactive, study series which can be done individually or in a small group. A leadership guide is included for each study. The series includes three distinct studies which can be used one at a time or together for a longer study. The combination of video, discussion and reflection questions, simulations, quizzes, and other learning activities contribute to a multifaceted and creative learning experience and makes this series easy to lead and personally engaging for all participants.

The study offers opportunities to:

– explore Scripture
– personally reflect, share and pray
– develop a greater understanding about poverty and oppression
– participate in interactive learning experiences
– learn about the transformational and long term work of World Vision

Welcome to The Heart of the Matter.


hope-in-a-hurt-worldHope in a World of Hurt — four lessons focusing on how Christians are called to respond to the needs of the poor, some root causes of poverty, relating to those living in poverty, and how love is key to coming alongside those in need. The study examines how to see the poor through the eyes of God. The final chapter is the challenge to speak out and advocate by giving a voice to the voiceless. This study is foundational for the entire The Heart of the Matter series.

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communities-transformedCommunities Transformed with Change that Lasts — six lessons studying how transformational community development brings hope and lasting change to communities and individuals. Topics include planning from the ground up, asset-based community development, using appreciative inquiry, and the specific impact of improving access to water and food, health, literacy and economic development. The study wraps up by recognizing how a holistic perspective is what works best. This is excellent preparation for traveling or serving in developing communities.

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Touching the LivesTouching the Lives of Women in Poverty — five lessons examining how extreme poverty and injustice uniquely impact the lives of women and girls. When a girl is born into poverty, she enters one of the largest groups in the world to experience the lack of basic needs and human rights: poor women. Topics include gender equity from birth, trafficking and exploitation, work, health, and the violence of mutilation and conflict. This study will motivate participants to help change the world for girls and women.

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