Honduras – Day 3

We continue to follow Angela Mason’s travels in Honduras with the women from the WOV Columbia-Willamette chapter. Here she shares about Day 3.

We are in the district of Paradise, and indeed, I’m in paradise since I’m eating caramel candy! Today we met Diana, a recipient of a World Vision microloan, who has started a homemade caramel candy business. Simple ingredients such as cow’s milk and sugar become pure deliciousness! Here I am tasting the liquid caramel, before it is ready to be beaten into making little candies.

After eating candy, we tasted delicious shade-grown coffee. One of my favorite moments so far on this trip was when our team gathered on a hillside, 4,000 feet above sea level, and looked down at the rows and rows of coffee bushes. It was peaceful and beautiful until local children saw us and thought we were highly amusing to watch!

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