Hilda's Story: Surviving Lebanon, Syria, and Civil War

108270Our beloved Hilda Kernc, a partner of Women of Vision Chicago, is a woman with a story. When she was nine years old, her family was forced to flee the conflict in Lebanon and go to Aleppo, Syria to live as refugees. She witnessed crossfire, torture, and murder in a nation torn apart by violent conflict. Although she currently lives in Chicago, many of her relatives and friends still live in Syria.

In March for our WOV Lent series “Beauty from Ashes” Hilda shared “Us and Them”, her story of how God has worked in her heart to see those involved in the conflict in unity despite demarcation lines, fear, displacement and violence.

Now on staff at World Vision once again, Hilda remains deeply commited to her roots in Syria. Devout in her faith to God, she sees a passion of her life to serve Him. She recently shared her story with Christianity Today:

“…when I hear news about the conflict in Lebanon (or especially with the recent conflict in Syria, where I also have roots), I am often overcome by grief. I am hit by a tsunami of painful feelings. I am back to sleepless nights. Day and night, I surrender this battle to the Lord, and offer prayers for those suffering back home.”

Read Hilda’s story.

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