Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development

Recently, the news has been dominated by news of the G8 and the G20.  While not everyone knows exactly who these groups are and what they do, most do know that they are made up of the world’s most powerful governments- The United States, Germany, France and countries that we consider similar.  Nobody hears about the recent G20 summit and thinks Liberia, Togo or Timor-Leste; however, you may start to hear about these countries more as the G7+ makes strides for countries that are marred by conflict, yet resource-rich.

According to the World Development Report of 2011, high conflict countries are not achieving the Millennium Development Goals, twice as likely to be undernourished, have no access to clean water.  It is three times as likely that in these countries children will be unable to attend school.  Under five mortalities are doubled.

The G7+ is a union of leaders who know that their  countries hold the possibility of an improved future.  In 2010 leaders from 12 countries came together to meet in a closed door session in Timor-Leste and discuss how they can become a united, global voice for the World’s most fragile countries.  Today, 17 countries are a part of this united front, including Strong Women Strong World countries Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Each country has a history of Conflict but the potential of wealth through the countries’ natural resources, whether they are oil, diamonds or minerals.  We pray for these leaders as they continue to come together with the goal of being able to say, “Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development.”

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