Giving the Gift of Hope for Christmas

photo credit: World Vision

Women of Vision cares about the World Vision Gift Catalog. Do you know why?

Have you every felt your heart pound with excitement when you have given or received a special gift? It’s such a special feeling of joy. I think our heart actually smiles. This is what happens when our Women of Vision get involved with the Gift Catalog.

Here are some suggestions to spread the word…

Host a party through your Chapter, your Book Club, Bible Study group or just invite your neighbors to an afternoon Tea. It’s also a way to open up what Women of Vision has meant to you and how your Chapter is supporting families just like the ones you see in this catalog.

Several Women of Vision get together with their children and grandchildren and give them a certain amount to go shopping in the catalog. It’s a wonderful opportunity to walk through the catalog with them and talk about what their money could buy. It’s also a way to talk to them about the struggles children in other countries go through and how giving a gift from the catalog will bring hope and joy for those on the receiving end.

A recent study shows tighter wallets are leading to more charitable giving. “This survey shows once again that, during uncertain economic times, Americans continue to prioritize helping those in need,” said Traci Coker, World Vision-U.S. Gift Catalog senior director.

Thank you, Women of Vision, for sharing your love through the Gift Catalog this holiday season!

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