Girls Just Want to be Girls

From the Huffington Post, 9/21/11: “You might think a nine year old girl is too young to be married, but in some parts of the world, this is the common age of betrothal. The odds are that for ten million of the world’s adolescent and teenage girls one in three girls marry before age 18 and one in seven marry before age 15 — even as astonishingly young as age nine. “Girls Not Brides,” a joint effort to end child marriage, was announced yesterday at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) under the direction of Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson of “The Elders,” Luis Ubiñas of the Ford Foundation and Jennifer Buffett of NoVo Foundation… That girls and women are still viewed as worth “less” than males in so many parts of the world is one of humanity’s greatest tragedies. Thousands of years of oppression, violence and neglect continue to marginalize women lives all over the globe.”

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