From weapons to lipstick: former Tamil Tigers prepare to return home

Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP - Getty Images
Former Tamil Tiger rebels prepare backstage during a rehabilitation official ceremony fashion show in Colombo on March 29. The program to release nearly 400 former combatants to their families. Officials said more than 10,000 ex-combatants have been rehabilitated and released to their families since the war ended in May 2009.

From MSNBC: “The Tamil Tigers were a notorious terrorist group in Sri Lanka, beginning in 1983. In their efforts to create an independent Tamil state, they enlisted women in suicide attacks that terrorized the country for over 20 years… The conflict in Sri Lanka largely came to an end when the rebels were defeated in May 2009, but the lasting effects of the war are still present. It is encouraging to see that these women are being offered some assistance in rebuilding their lives.”

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