Finding My Way: Discovering Women of Vision

ChristineChristine, from Finding My Way, was wondering what God had next in her life. Here she shares how she came to find the Women of Vision chapter in Chicago – and the impact it had. We do believe that “every woman has a story.” Thanks Christine for sharing yours!

Where does one start to tell one’s story when one is right smack in the middle of it? Some would say at the beginning but really we don’t want to go there; it would be boring. Besides as a friend recently said to me, “It’s like you’re at the best part of the book, the really exciting part, and you just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!” I should at least say that in the last couple of years I have been becoming more and more found. My identity and passions have become more formed. I still have no solid view of the future but I am becoming more okay with that. I am putting my trust in the future maker, the dream giver, my God and King.

So my beginning, the beginning of this story began when Rosemary (my dearest, darlingest, bestest friend ever, my soul sister and next door neighbor for six years) left. Suddenly there was a big hole in my life, my community was gone; however I didn’t realize it right away. It took two years of missing and loneliness and searching to finally realize I needed a group of women in my life. I needed like-minded friends; but where was I going to find them? I was working full time and pulling away from the church we were attending at the time. Who could fill this need I had?

I cannot even tell you how this journey began. It wasn’t a light bulb moment. It was little things along the way. A mission trip to the Philippines, reading one of Mother Teresa’s books, participating in a social justice book study at church, hearing a sermon, novels called Little Bee, The Kite Runner, and The Blood of Flowers… and I could go further back to meeting a man named Dolphus Weary as a high school student, seeing a place called Mendenhall, MS or being in New York City as a college freshmen and being given a new vision of what it meant to be a missionary by a man named Ron. All of these things planted little seeds that have germinated and taken root.

A little over a year ago I discovered a volunteer organization called Women of Vision (affiliated with World Vision) and wouldn’t you know they had a chapter in Chicago. But Chicago is 40 miles away from me, a long drive for a weeknight study or event. I decided to contact them to get more information. I discovered they had studies and events in the suburbs regularly; in fact, most of the women in the group were from surrounding suburbs. I was excited and figured I’d check it out. Fast forward about a year and half and this group of women have become my community, my life-blood, my cheerleaders, my question askers, my support team and I offer myself to them in the same way. We share a desire to help the poor and the oppressed. We want to see justice served. We want to see the end of slavery. We sponsor a World Vision project in Sierra Leone. We had our first annual benefit to raise money for maternal child health. We are different and we are the same. We share a calling from God to serve others in his name. We love each other.

Suddenly my life is not so empty. Suddenly my life has become very full. Just as my Rose was a precious gift from God, so too are these women. Precious, precious gifts; and together we are at the best part of our story. We are in the thick of it.

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