Final Honduras Updates

Celebrating Angela's birthday in Honduras!

The Honduras team has safely returned home! Here are the last two updates from Jill Sherman, one of the WOV Columbia-Willamette team members.

From Dec 2nd:

We have just arrived back in Tegucigalpa after another full but wonderful day. After our veranda breakfast, we left our lovely hotel in Danli and gradually started our trek back to town. On the way we stopped to visit two sponsored children. The first one, Leybi, is sponsored by someone not on the trip. However, when we drove up, I was one of the first people out of the car. She came running up to me with a huge smile and a great big hug! Made my day! She is a darling 8 year old little girl and so sweet and welcoming. I think she thought I was her sponsor so I quickly had Dana explain that I wasn’t. I did, though, then get to read the letters and hand out the gifts from her sponsor. What a treat that was! We met her mother and a little nephew. There is quite a back story with her but no time now. We chatted with Mama and had some gifts for her as well. It was a precious time for me and I would like to steal her as MY sponsored child! Her little nephew, however, is up for sponsorship so one of us will most likely take him. We then had a piñata for the children over in a large field – Papa Smurf! Much bashing and diving for the fallen candy. Such fun to witness.

The next stop was to Sandi’s little Carlitos who is a very big 4! We were all so blessed to watch this tender and joyous meeting. Sandi and her family have already invested a great deal into this relationship so the whole family here loves her, of course. There are 2 parents and an older sister – a very nice family with a good home. Mama had made a pillow for Sandi and some treats. There were precious notes from them. Sandi had gifts are Carlitos but also for the whole family. We took loads of pictures and enjoyed the time so every much.

Leaving a bit reluctantly, we took a brief stop at a city park where mamas and their sponsored children were gathered for check ups and meeting time. It was a joyful time of many hugs and greetings.

I am going to call a halt to see and add more tomorrow as it is late, I am tired and getting up at 4:15 to head to Copan to see the Mayan ruins. Jan and Ria will be off to Costa Rica and the others head home.

Blessings and love and thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.


From Dec 4th:

Hello friends,

This is the final note to finish off the trip from the Women of Vision perspective. Sorry this is a bit late getting out, but I have been out of town and my Internet was a bit sketchy. Tonight I am back at the Marriott in Tegucigalpa and will be flying out tomorrow afternoon.

To backtrack to Friday – after leaving the sponsored children, we hopped into our vans for the final drive back to Tegus. Of course a stop did have to made for us to make our final contribution to Honduras. We shopped! Great fun and some good buys for all. The rest of the drive was uneventful, and we arrived about dinner time. We had hoped to be joined by some of the FUNED staff for dinner but not everyone could make it. Dana had arranged another terrific dinner at a lovely restaurant for our final time together. Conversation flowed, toasts were made, gifts exchanged and it was a very good way to end our time together. The rest of the evening was spent sorting luggage and trying to get everything in!

As I left so early the next morning, I wasn’t part of the final airport goodbye. I do know the 3 who headed home arrived safely and uneventfully.

Just some final thoughts on this precious time – a beautiful green mountainous (by East Coast standards, not Oregon) country with valleys and curves and breathless vistas. The people – so warm and welcoming, even in their poverty – beautiful and affectionate children who laugh and dance and swing at piñatas and work hard and help their families. It is a place of contrasts – poor dwellings set in extraordinarily beautiful places. Smiles on worn, work weary faces. Their excitement about seeing us when we were the honored ones! Stories like Saida – the only woman in a 12 member coffee growing group who stood up to a philandering husband and now supports her children on her own as a highly valued member of her small community. And stories like Angela getting “locked” in an outhouse! I could go on and on but won’t. Come to our trip report in January to hear more about it and see pictures. Boy, did we take a lot!

To close – a quote from some devotional material we used – “To know poor people as persons and friends is to know that there is also joy, caring, sharing, and happiness in the midst of poverty.” We got to do that and got to see God so clearly at work. Thank you for allowing us to represent you. It was a high privilege.

Jill for us all


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